Bulk Material Handling: Process and Optimisation

Bulk material handling is a major factor for smooth operation in many modern industries. If organised and optimised correctly, it is often the key to more cost-efficient and reliable operation.

What would bulk material handling typically include? Here are just a few examples:

  • Dust removal, filtering and screening
  • Ash recycling
  • Chemicals dosing
  • Woodchip conveying
  • And much more, depending on the industry and operational modes

Undoubtedly it is always complex and demanding, but when it comes to any bulk handling process organisation and optimisation, there are three levels that are important to review.

Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Depending on industry-specific needs we might be talking about various conveyors, filters, coolers, elevators, screens or seeders. Such machinery can be tailor-made for a specific production line, or selected from many options already available on the market.

The primary purpose is, however, always the same. It serves to automate the handling of big material masses in the most quick, clean and economic way. This is best achieved by regular maintenance and equipment update, as more advanced technologies are introduced.

Bulk Material Handling Systems

Ideal solution would allow companies to focus on their product, leaving automated systems to take care of bulk materials. Luckily, modern technologies are able to help at each stage of the process, from storing and conveying to managing, and recycling.

To ensure this companies turn to full life cycle solutions: the whole system, its integration to the existing processes, maintenance, and updates according to the latest standards. Just like with the equipment, these systems can be developed to fit specific company’s needs, or ordered from a range of ready-made solutions.

Bulk Material Handling Companies

Industrial operations deal with huge bulk of materials, which are not easy to handle even in smaller quantities. The solutions thus have to ensure smooth processes on big scale, and also be cost-efficient, safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

As the result of such demanding requirements, a separate, highly technological industry has emerged. Companies that focus on bulk handling manufacture industry-specific equipment, develop complete solutions, and provide trainings and audits. Using their expertise is always a reliable way to optimise and modernise bulk material handling.


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